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BOSCH Serie 2 PBP6B2B60 Gas Hob – White, White

With a cast iron finish, the Bosch Serie 2 PBP6B2B60 Gas Hob delivers professional cooking results.Featuring four gas burners you can enjoy instant heat whether you’re making a delicious stir-fry or just heating up soup.Its elegant white enamel creates a stand-out look in any modern kitchen.For added peace of mind there’s a flame failure safety...View more

BOSCH Serie 6 PCQ7A5B90 Gas Hob – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

Top features:- Precise cooking with nine heat levels – Wok burner lets you cook with larger pans and more intense heat – Cast-iron supports for durability and stability – Stainless-steel surface for a smart looking finish Precise cookingFlameSelect allows you to control the flow of gas to your hob. Choose from nine distinct flame levels...View more

BOSCH Serie 6 PCR9A5B90 Gas Hob – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

Top features: – DualWok burner is perfect for preparing quick meals – Precision flame adjustment in nine gradations – Durable cast iron pan supports mean you can expect longevity from this appliance DualWok burnerPrepare your favourite oriental dish in mere minutes with the powerful DualWok burner, which uses a high-powered flame for faster cooking.The Bosch...View more

ZANUSSI JoinZone ZIFN644K Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Versatile hobGet creative in the kitchen with the Zanussi JoinZone ZIFN644K Electric Induction Hob.Featuring four different size zones, you can heat multiple ingredients or courses with the space you need. If you’re making food for the family, JoinZone means you can connect two cooking zones to heat larger dishes across both, syncing temperature and time...View more

SMEG Cucina SE435S Electric Solid Plate Hob – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

Take the hassle out of home cooking with the Smeg Cucina SE435S Electric Solid Plate Hob. With simple dial controls accessible on the right of the unit, the Smeg Cucina SE435S is easy to use whether you’re a seasoned chef or new to cooking. Four solid plates in two sizes mean that there’s room to...View more

RUSSELL HOBBS RH60IH401B Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Get cooking with the Russel Hobbs RH60IH401B Electric Induction Hob. There are two fast and two medium zones, all controled by touch panel in the front.Induction cooking heats the pan rather than the hob so you’ll be less likely to burn any spills onto the hob.___________________________________________________ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated...View more

AEG HGB64420YM Gas Hob – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

With four gas burners the AEG HGB64420YM Gas Hob makes it easy to prepare a meal with various pots and pans at the same time. Dial controls allow you to adjust the temperature to level you need.The wok burner is great for making stir fry vegetable or frying potatoes. Cooking Asian noodles has never been...View more

AEG HGB75420YM Gas Hob – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

Got a lot of mouths to feed? The AEG HGB75420YM Gas Hob has space for all your pots and pans thanks to it’s 75 cm width.You can precisely select the power level you need thanks to the StepPower design. There are 9 levels to choose from, taking the guesswork out of cooking.The speed burners target...View more

AEG IKB64301FB Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Go greener Induction technology makes cooking quicker and easier as it heats the pans themselves rather than the hob. That means less energy is wasted – much better for the planet! Induction technologyTake control of your cooking with the AEG IKB64301FB Electric Induction Hob. Induction technology heats your cookware faster than traditional gas or electric...View more

HOOVER HGV64SMB Gas Hob – Black, Black

The Hoover HGV64SMB Gas Hob has got 4 burners to give you more cooking options in the kitchen.With a choice of different sized burners, you can find the ideal heat setting for every dish. The vertical flame helps to heat your pots and pans efficiently, reducing heat loss to keep your energy bills low.An automatic...View more