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BOSCH Serie 2 PKE611CA1E Electric Ceramic Hob – Black, Black

Top features: – Quick-therm hobs heat up quicker, so you can get cooking right away – Variable power settings give you the exact heat you need to cook with precision – Residual heat indicators warn when cooking zones are still hot – Frameless design makes cleaning a breeze Quick-therm hobsMake fast and delicious snacks or...View more

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BOSCH Serie 4 PUE611BF1B Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Induction technologyFaster than gas or ceramic hobs, the Bosch Serie 4 PUE611BF1B Electric Induction Hob has a modern design that will look great in any kitchen. It features four zones, which provide powerful and responsive heating. Electromagnets under the hob surface use automatic pan recognition to heat the base of the pan rather than the...View more

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INDESIT IS 83Q60 NE Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Induction technologyCook meals for the whole family with the Indesit IS 83Q60 NE Electric Induction Hob. Induction technology uses magnets to heat your pots and pans directly, so heat is rapid and easily controlled.Touch controlsIt’s easy to make adjustments to any of the cooking zones using the touch controls. They let you increase the power...View more

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NEFF N70 T26DS49N0 Gas Hob – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

Nine flame levels With nine flame levels to choose between, this Neff N70 T26DS49N0 Gas Hob allows you to precisely tailor to each dish, whether you’re boiling, simmering or frying.Maximum stabilityEnjoy simple handling and maximum stability with the continuous cast iron pan supports. Cast iron supports offer your hob extra durability, so you can expect...View more

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NEFF N50 T36FB41X0G Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Top features: – Induction cooking for faster heat-up – Stylish touch controls for simple operation – Two year guarantee provides you with peace of mind Induction cookingHandy if you hate waiting around, induction cooking directs heat straight into cookware and stops as soon as the power is turned off. Pots and pans will be simmering...View more

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NEFF N70 T48FD23X2 Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Maximise your kitchen space with the Neff N70 T48FD23X2 Induction Hob. Innovative induction technology delivers precise, efficient cooking. Induction cooking generates heat directly to your cookware using magnets – everything heats up quickly and you’ll enjoy a safer cooking experience.This sleek T48FD23X2 hob has 2 individual heating zones that can be combined into 1 larger...View more

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HOTPOINT TB 3977B BF Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Combi duoThe Hotpoint TB 3977B BF Electric Induction Hob’s Combi Duo feature lets you combine 2 single cooking zones into 1 large heat source. So, you can create delicious dishes like home-made gravy in a roasting tin directly on the hob.Induction cookingCook food efficiently with the hob’s induction technology. It heats your saucepans directly, rather...View more

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SAMSUNG C61R2AEE Electric Ceramic Hob – Black, Black

The black Samsung C61R2AEE Ceramic Hob features four burners which will let you know exactly when the hob is hot – so there’s no need to worry about accidental burns.Plenty of cooking spaceWith differing sizes, whether you’re cooking for yourself or for the entire family, with the Samsung C61R2AEE Ceramic Hob you can use the...View more

SAMSUNG NZ64K5747BK/EU Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Top features: – Induction technology for just the right cooking temperature – Flexible zone to let you maximise your cooking – Touch control functions to keep you on top of things – Hot hob indicator and other safety mechanisms for peace of mind Induction technology Take your cooking skills to new heights with the Samsung...View more

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SMEG SI5322B Electric Induction Domino Hob – Black, Black

Top features: – Energy efficient induction cooking heats up the pan instead of the hob – Touch controls offer precision and accuracy over temperature – Automatically detects when a pan has been placed on the hob, with protection against auto start-up Induction cookingInduction zones make this Smeg SI5322B Induction Domino Hob highly energy efficient, since...View more

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