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BOSCH PKE645D17 Ceramic Hob – Black, Black

With a classy framed design, the Bosch PKE645D17 Ceramic Hob is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Ceramic cooking This smart hob has four cooking zones and 17 different temperatures so you can expect precision cooking every time. The HighSpeed hob provides the power and responsiveness for great home cooking. Convenient control Temperature and zones...View more

SAMSUNG C61R2AEE Electric Ceramic Hob – Black, Black

The black Samsung C61R2AEE Ceramic Hob features four burners which will let you know exactly when the hob is hot – so there’s no need to worry about accidental burns.Plenty of cooking spaceWith differing sizes, whether you’re cooking for yourself or for the entire family, with the Samsung C61R2AEE Ceramic Hob you can use the...View more

BELLING IH60R Induction Hob – Black, Black

The Belling IH60R Induction Hob is a great flush-fitting solution for your kitchen and culinary needs. Induction intelligence This 4-zone Induction Hob from Belling provides smarter, faster, safer and greener technology with induction cooking. This impressive technology works by heating the pan rather than the hob, saving time and energy and giving you greater control.With...View more

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NEW WORLD NWIHT601 Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Top features: – Induction technology heats the pan instead of the hob to save you energy – Power boost and the auto-heat up function mean you can cook faster – With a pause button and child lock, you have peace of mind with this hob Induction technologyThis New World NWIHT601 Electric Induction Hob uses induction...View more

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NEW WLD NWGHU701 Gas Hob – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

The 70 cm New World NW-GHU701 Gas Hob will lend your kitchen a modern feel with its stainless steel finish, plus it has reams of cooking space including a wok burner. Elemental Catering for all your cookery needs, this great New World hob has 5 gas burners of various sizes to accommodate all the pots...View more

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STOVES SEH600iR Induction Hob – Black, Black

Top features:- Clever cooking utilising electromagnetic energy- Safety first with hot hob indicators and child safety lockClever cooking Making hob-top cooking quick, simple and safe, induction hobs are up to twice as efficient as gas hobs and boast the benefit of being fast and remarkably responsive – thanks to clever engineering you have access to...View more

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STOVES SEH600CTC MK2 Electric Ceramic Hob – Black, Black

Top features: – Ceramic hob delivers quick and powerful heating- Safety first thanks to the hot hob indicatorCeramic hobBeautifully designed and hosting four radiant ceramic zones that provide quick, powerful and safe heating, the ST SEH600CTC provides the ideal way to cook up a whole range of food for family and friends.Consisting of two small...View more

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AEG HK634200XB Induction Hob – Black, Black

Bring the very best of electric cooking into your kitchen with the AEG HK634200XB Induction Hob.Intelligent inductionThe AEG HK634200XB Induction Hob uses induction technology to deliver instant and easily controlled heat to your cooking. Compatible with ferrous metal pans, this induction hob brings high technology to the kitchen.Practical functionalityA minute minder helps you keep on...View more

AEG OptiHeat HK654200FB Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Rustle up dinner in no time with the efficient and user-friendly AEG OptiHeat HK654200FB Electric Induction Hob.OptiHeat ControlOne of the quickest and most efficient ways to cook, induction cooking heats the pan and nothing else, so you spend less time cooking and help reduce your energy bill.The HK654200FB offers extra efficiency thanks to the OptiHeat...View more

BOSCH PIE651BB1E Electric Induction Hob – Black, Black

Top features:- Easily navigate temperatures and settings with TouchSelect – U-Bevel design to compliment your existing kitchen décor – PowerBoost for when you need even faster heating Easily navigate temperatures and settingsTouchSelect makes navigating between different temperate levels and functions easy, so you can tailor your cooking to any dish. You can easily select and...View more

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